That's a picture of my head.   

Austin Rodrigues is a actor/writer/comedian known for his appearances on Broad City, High Maintenance, Impractical Jokers and Atom TV. On the web, he has written for and appeared in video’s for MTV’s Decoded, Above Average, College Humor and Funny or Die. He is currently a performer and writer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. 

Austin is a member of UCB's house sketch team, Nipsey. He also hosts the weekly show B.Y.O.T. at the UCB East theatre every Sunday. Other UCB shows have included, The Shark Tank Show, Stand Up Smack Down, Ear Worm, and The Tony Show, amongst others.

He has studied improv and sketch at UCB since 2006, acting with Joan Rosenfels and on-camera classes with Brooke Thomas and Mary Egan.

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